Best Remedies for Sun

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Best remedy for Sun

There are many remedies to please the planet sun but I would like to explain here only the remedy that gives instant results.

You need to perform this remedy in 2 steps.  The first step will be 21 days and the second step will be 40 days. 

First, you need to wake up early in the morning for at least 21 days and you have to Just look at the sunrise at the exact moment.  You can check on Google sunrise timing in your city. 

The first step will be of 21 days just sitting in front of  Rising Sun. 

The second step will be you have to to offer water to the Sun. Make sure when you offer the water to Sun you have to look at the  Rising Sun through the waterfall. 

You have to do this for the next 40 days and you will see the results from the very first day. 

Be Careful

At the time of sunrise, everyone can see the rising Sun which is not harmful to our eyes. In case you feel a problem you should not do this remedy.

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