Astrology Remedies to reduce fights and divorce in love marriage

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Astrology Remedies to reduce fights and divorce in love marriage

Love marriage – First of all, let me try to give you information about how love marriage happens. You all know that there are twelve houses in a horoscope. Each house represents something or the other. In this sequence, the fifth house of the horoscope represents love relations and the seventh house represents marriage. When any kind of relationship is established in these two houses then the person performs love marriage. Love marriage means choosing your spouse yourself. In the horoscope, the relationship of fifth and seventh can be of many types such as zodiac change, change of house, conjunction or relation of sight.

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Let’s talk about the heading of this article. The heading is “Remedies to reduce fights and divorce in love marriage”.

  • When in the horoscope, the lord of the love house and the lord of the marriage house had such good relations among themselves that individuals chose their spouses, then the question arises as to why dispute arose. We have to first know the reason for this. According to astrology, there are both good and bad, auspicious and inauspicious planets. Some planets are naturally auspicious, while some planets are naturally inauspicious. Of these, naturally inauspicious planets always give bad results. When inauspicious planets affect the house of marriage, then there is an obstacle in marriage happiness. Rahu, Ketu, Mercury, Sun and the lord of twelfth place of the horoscope consider saparative planets. All these are called separatist planets. They deprive the person of the fruits of the house in which they sit.
  • When the separating planets exert their negative influence on the seventh and fifth house of the horoscope, then dispute, quarrel arises in the person’s marriage and love life. Quarrels occur when this type of obstruction occurs. If the inauspicious effect is too much, then even divorce may happen. Apart from this, the fourth place of horoscope also represents our home. I mean to say that the fourth place represents our house. If this place is also under the influence of inauspicious planets then the person is deprived of the happiness of the house. That is, there will be no peace in the house, anything can happen.

After your love marriage, you are facing the problem of quarrel and dispute with the spouse in the house. Now let us talk about the solution.

  • Keep one thing in your mind that the cause of quarrel is the inauspicious effect of some planet in the seventh place. So if we take measures to remove that ominous effect, then that quarrel, the dispute will go away and peace will be established again in your married life.
  • If the Sun is affecting your married life, then its remedy is that you offer water to the Sun when the sun is rising in the early morning; it reduces the inauspicious effect of the Sun.
  • If your marital life is affected due to the moon, then you may offer water to the moon. You should offer water to the waxing moon in night and waning moon in the day. It definitely gives positive results.
  • If the seventh place is under the inauspicious effects of Mars, due to which your marital life is affected, dispute & quarrel arises without any reason. Then as a remedy you should keep fast on Tuesday, it will definitely benefit you.
  • If there are fighting, dispute, quarrel in your house due to the inauspicious effects of Jupiter, then keep fast on Thursday. By keeping fast, you will see changes, which will be positive.
  • If Venus is affecting your life due to which there is a dispute between husband and wife, then you keep fast on Friday.
  • If Saturn affects the seventh planet, marital life is affected, there are fights, quarrel & dispute, in that case, keep fast on Saturday.
  • If marital conflicts arise due to the planet Mercury, then as a remedy, you should plant trees. You can plant a tree in your home or you can plant them outside in the forest. Whether you can put it in a pot. But keep in mind one thing that you have to do this on Wednesday. You will definitely see its positive fruits very soon.
  • If marital life is being affected due to Rahu, disputes are occurring in the house, love life is being interrupted by husband and wife then you serve a brown dog. Now the question arises how to do service. The answer is you can raise a brown dog in the house or stray dogs roam a lot outside, you can serve any of them. But keep in mind that never disturb the dogs, do not hit them through stones, do not hit them with the stick, this enrages Rahu, which will increase your problems.
  • If you are facing problems in your married life due to Ketu planet, then as a remedy you can get a pied dog. Pied means, the black & white dog. It will reduce the negative effect of Ketu and definitely bring peace in your married life.

Remedy for Divorce like situation 

  • If you are not ready for divorce and want to avoid the divorce like situation, then, first of all, you have to create attraction in yourself so that your partner, whether it is male or female, will be attracted towards you. As a remedy to create this attraction, we suggest that you wear a gemstone, which is named Fire Opel.
  • Now another question arises as to how to increase attraction. There is a mantra of Venus to increase attraction. If this mantra is chanted regularly, then there comes the attraction in the person and everyone wants to talk to him. But we cannot tell that mantra here. For that, you will have to contact us.

Conclusion – If you are facing any kind of marital problems and even after a lot of effort, problems are not found, then you should contact us. We will try to solve your problems through astrological remedies. We assure you that your problems will be solved. Do not hesitate to contact us


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