Astrological Remedies for Curing Diabetes

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Astrological Remedies for Diabetes

Here are some astrological remedies for diabetes. As much as we hate to say it, diabetes has become the way of life. It is the bitter truth that we all have to digest. Diabetes was once upon a time known as the disease of riches, but now, the lifestyle has changed for the worse and therefore, it is a common household disease. We are so dependent on technology and fast deliveries that children as young as five years old are the victims of this disease.
Diabetes can be called a poor lifestyle disease. It attacks the people who are binge-eating their way, all day. Along with that, zero exercise and physical activity, eating rich, greasy food for all their meals lead to diabetes. Unfortunately, this habit has been adopted by almost the entire population.

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Diabetes also passes inherently, but that gives no one an excuse to drop the idea of remaining active. Fortunately, Vedic astrology, along with solutions for various issues, has the power to detect whether the person would suffer from it or not. Not only that, but it also holds solutions and remedies to nip it from the bud.

The following astrological remedies for diabetes can be followed to cure the disease or to even avoid them.

  1. To cure or avoid diabetes not only for yourself but for your future generations to come, offer sweet rotis (flatbread) or Puran Poli every Friday for life. This should be especially religiously followed by those who have had diabetes run in their family for generations.
  2. A wrongly placed Jupiter also increases the risks of diabetes attacking you. Donate diamond, zircon, ghee, opal, clothes, or sugar at Goddess Lakshmi’s temple. This approach would help pacify the ill effects of Jupiter in your chart. You could also donate the items to little girls aged one to nine years.
  3. Again, for eliminating the malefic effects of Jupiter in your chart, donate a lot of yellow items— clothes, sapphire, food, etc. to a priest at the temple.
  4. On Thursdays, offer jaggery, water, and yellow grams to a Banana tree and donate yellow sweets to a temple. Along with that, fast on Thursdays. This would speed up the process of seeking redemption from diabetes. This step should be followed for a year religiously.
  5. There are two exercises that if followed daily, would not result in reversing diabetes but would also safeguard you from many life-threatening diseases. Surya Namaskar should be done in the morning and performed correctly, stay steady and go easy in the beginning, you will be able to perfect the exercise once you get in the habit. Next, perform Prayaanam (breathing exercises) every day diligently and prepare to reap the benefits of them. However, there is a catch; you must perform these exercises during the Braham Mahurat, i.e. the time during sunrise.
  6. Consult a meditation or a yoga expert and focus on balancing the chakras in your body- the root chakra, navel and solar plexus. Meditation does seem easy to look at, but you need guidance and support if you have never done it before. Meditation and yoga both help in balancing the chakras. Along with the numerous benefits that it offers, it will help control and cure diabetes.
  7. Not just Jupiter, if your Ketu is malefic in your chart chances are that your sugar level is not in control. Donate a white and black blanket on Sunday

The tips mentioned above will surely help you cure the disease, but you should also bear in mind that nothing ever comes without diligence and hard work. Therefore, maintain a good, balanced diet, manage your weight, and above all, stay positive and calm.


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