Accurate career predictions by date of birth

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In this post, I am going to show you how to do accurate career prediction by your date of birth & time. What you need is your birth sign. Out of 12 zodiac signs you can choose your career as per astrology calculations.

The horoscope is a mirror of our personality and our life. Its 12 houses provide information on all aspects of our future life. It also gives us complete information about the career. All that is needed is a good astrologer who can study the horoscope in-depth and tell you how your career will be. I have found from my experience that every house in the horoscope tells something about our deeds. Mainly the tenth place of the horoscope is said to be the place of our deeds and it is said that the study of this house shows how we will produce our livelihood. Let me tell you in detail how career information can be provided through horoscope

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10th house of horoscope for accurate career predictions

Accurate Career Predictions by date of birth
  • The tenth house of the horoscope represents our deeds. After studying this place deeply, we get to know what actions we will do to earn our livelihood. Now the question arises that how will we know what we are going to do in future for our livelihood? To know the answer to this question, we look at which zodiac sign is located in the tenth house of the birth chart.
  • According to the lord of the zodiac sign which is located in the tenth place, a person chooses to do deeds in his life or you can say that he is obliged to do those deeds. Now let me tell you about the different type of profession a person choose  due to the presence of different zodiac signs in the tenth place of the horoscope: –

Aries and Scorpio for career

Mars is the lord of Aries and Scorpio. If Aries or Scorpio zodiac is located in the tenth place of the horoscope, then one goes to defense related areas in his life such as police force, paramilitary force, commando security force etc. Apart from this he also works in medical field, he may become a doctor. Due to the effect of these zodiac signs, people are also seen doing work related to agriculture and property.

Taurus & career

When there is Taurus in the tenth place of the horoscope, then the person chooses his livelihood according to the planet Venus, because the Lord of Taurus is Venus. The person chooses banking, finance, accounting related work as his livelihood.

Gemini career predictions

The lord of Gemini is Mercury. When there is a Gemini sign in the tenth place of a horoscope, the native does work related to shares, insurance, telecommunications, spying, translation, and income tax to make his living.

Libra zodiac sign & career

When Libra is in the tenth house, the native works in the court or through any type of work connected with the judicial system, makes his living.

Leo sign & career

When there is a Leo zodiac sign in the tenth house of the horoscope, the native stands on his feet at his own and works according to his mind. The reason for this is that Sun is the lord of Leo zodiac sign and it is considered the king of all planets. Due to the influence of the Sun, the native cannot work under anyone. Therefore, these types of individuals are seen self-employed, involved in their own business.

career predictions & Capricorn

Saturn is the lord of Capricorn. With the influence of Capricorn in the tenth house, the native can be a commission agent, government worker, and laborer. He can be on the smallest post and due to the influence of planetary position, he can also be on the biggest post.

Aquarius & career predictions

Due to the presence of Aquarius in the tenth house, the native works in those areas where discipline is very important. Time table is very important such as all types of educational institutes, school related work, and contractor, dairy related work etc. are seen doing the work in these areas.

Cancer & career predictions

The lord of Cancer sign is the Moon. Under the influence of Moon, the native is seen doing works including all types of arts, marketing, public dealing etc. Whether it is painter or designing of any kind, all kinds of work related to the film industry are covered under it.

Career & Virgo

Due to the presence of Virgo in the tenth house, the native engages in works related to the forest, nature, as if he can be in the forest department. If the position of Mercury is not very good, then he can work as a gardener, but if the position of Mercury is very good, he can be a high rank officer in the Forest Department. He may engage in research related work in the forest. Apart from this, such people are also involved in the trade of goods used by women. He Can also do work related to General Store. According to the position of the planets General Store may be a small grocery shop in a village or a grocery store in a big shopping mall in a metropolis.

Sagittarius and Pisces for career prediction

Jupiter is the lord of the zodiac signs Sagittarius and Pisces. When there is Sagittarius or Pisces zodiac sign in the tenth house, then native may hold a big position in any government or private company. He may done work related to human resources or hotel management. He can be an advisor and can work on a major position in any government office. Even person becomes MLA, MP, astrologer, scientist or geologist with the effect of Sagittarius or Pisces zodiac sign in the tenth house of the horoscope.

Eleventh House, Income House, House of Profit

Till now I was telling you about the tenth house, that is, the house of action. Now we talk about income or profit. The eleventh house of the horoscope is considered the place of income, the place of profit. It is okay that we do actions according to the tenth house but we get income or profit according to the eleventh place of the horoscope. The more powerful the eleventh house of the horoscope, the higher the income of the native.

Second House of horoscope & career

The Second House of the horoscope tells us that the native will take over the charge of his ancestral business or not. He will get success in it or not.

Third House and career

The deep study of third house of the horoscope reveals that the person will get success in the business of tour & travel or not.

Fifth House of horoscope for career

The study of fifth house of the Horoscope tells us that whether the person earn profit through Speculation, Gambling, Share Market or not.

Career from Sixth House of horoscope

The study of this house inform us that the native may involve in the work of informer and get income from this work.

Twelfth House & career prediction

We get to know about the people from the twelfth house, who earn their income by giving loan to the needy and take the interest at higher rate.


Through the above information, I want to tell you how closely the horoscope can provide us the information about what actions we will do in our lives and how to earn money. If you also want accurate information about your career, do not hesitate to contact us.


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