6 Important Gemstones for a Happy Married Life

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Gemstones for Happy Married Life

Gemstones can bring good luck and positivity in your life. They drive away negative energy. Gemstones absorb solar and cosmic energies and then pass on to your body. This way, you feel positivity and balance. Here I have discussed 6 important Gemstones for a happy married life.

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Gemstones are prescribed for many problems and health issues. No wonder why they are also recommended for the pleasure and peace of the marriage life.

Whether there is a delay in getting married or you want to improve your relationship with the spouse, gemstones can heal your problems.

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Here we have rounded up some important gemstones you can wear to get married soon or make your married life more positives.

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6 Important Gemstones for a Happy Married Life


Ruby is associated with the sun and is a valuable stone. It represents love and passion. It helps you overcome conflict and obstacles that might be affecting the marriage. Although rubies are generally red, they might be pink in some cases.

The ruby stone is especially beneficial for people looking for marital bliss. Wearing an original ruby gemstone can help in achieving marital happiness. Did you know that Ruby can make your sex life amazing? This is because it promotes vitality and sensuality.


Emerald is said to be a symbol of loyalty and faith. It also represents love and contentment in marriage and by changing its colors it shows the inconsistency of lovers.

Emerald is an amazing green stone consolidating love and brings harmony to the family. It helps in kundali matching as well as increases communication. This beautiful stone also reduces jealousy, stress, and anger as well as helps in childbirth.


Hessonite is an orange brownstone and can support your relationship. It is considered as a valuable stone for Rahu. It soothes the central nervous system, improving the body-mind connection, leading to greater acceptance in marriage.

It is also known as the gomed stone that is mentioned in the Hindu scriptures. According to ancient scripture, the gomed stone is associated with Rahu. It is said to minimize the negative influence of Rahu in your married life and bring positive results for the wearer.

Both wife and husband can wear the gomed stone can improve happiness and peace in their marriage.

Blue Lace Agate:

The blue lace agate brings peace in life. It triggers a feeling of attraction between the couples which is important for a successful marriage. Moreover, it promotes communication and understanding.

It improves your communication with your better half so that she or he can understand you. The blue lace agate also helps them stay loyal to you as well as promote calmness.

Green Jade:

Green Jade is one of the valuable and effective gemstones. The stone is said to be great for couples and lovers. It reinforces the bond between them and unites their bond. Green Jade also restores love and romance which otherwise disappears after marriage due to work and responsibility. The stone also drives away negative thoughts.

Lemon Quartz:

The Lemon Quartz is also known as yellow gold. And this is an amazing stone for newlywed. Getting it as a gift or wearing it on your marriage day is a great way to start your married life on a positive note. While it invites prosperity to your home, it will drive away illness and negative thoughts.

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So these are some stones that can make your married life happy and peaceful as it should be. Besides, they are great for people facing issues or delays in getting married. However, it is better if you wear them as prescribed by your astrologer. It will give you maximum benefits.

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