2020 Yearly Personalized Horoscope. Know what is included

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Big changes in planets in 2020

In the year 2020, many planets are transiting from one zodiac to other and the transit of the planets will affect all 12 zodiac signs. First of all, in 2020, Saturn will enter Capricorn from Sagittarius on 25 January. After this, the major planetary transit will be of Rahu and Ketu in the month of September. On March 29, Jupiter will retrograde and enter Capricorn and at the end of the year in November, Jupiter will once again move to Capricorn. Additionally, Mars will remain in Pisces for a long time. While preparing this annual horoscope, all these planetary transit have been linked to all zodiac signs.

Let’s know what will be the effect of the big planets on the 12 zodiac signs, let’s start with Aries –

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  • Aries horoscope for the year 2020

Saturn is coming into the tenth house of your horoscope from the end of the month of January 2020. This position of Saturn is revered, I mean to say you will get benefit from this Saturn provided you worship the Saturn otherwise no. This Saturn will give you fruits of your hard works only based on your worship. However, Jupiter will prove to be good for you in 2020. Luck will rise, there will be a promotion in the job and this year is good for the students too. Those who are in a relationship, their relationship will be strong; they will see the deepness in a love relationship. If you do the job, then the workload will increase and you will find yourself unable to concentrate on work. Expenses will go up; some matters related to money transactions will get stuck. There are chances that you may get transfer at the wrong place after September.

  • Taurus horoscope for the year 2020

Destiny will be blocked in the year 2020. The works that were on the verge of completion will suddenly be delayed. You will see that initially, your tasks will be delayed and later this delay will become permanent. The year 2020 is difficult for students. If you work hard than necessary then only you will get the benefit. In terms of health, stomach diseases are likely to emerge this year. Fat will build up and weight gain can become a problem for you. After September, you will see the circumstances that were not expected. You also have to do work that was not yours.

  • Gemini horoscope for the year 2020

The time till the month of September for Gemini sign is very confusing. There is no end to the work; suddenly something comes up from somewhere, which affects your current project too. Confusion will continue. There is no sign of change in career till September. If you are planning to change the job, then drop that plan. This time is not good. There is a need to be careful with the business as well. At this time, your planets are not favourable in matters of a love affair, but in the case of arranged marriage, the planets are favourable for you.

  • Cancer horoscope for the year 2020

Saturn is coming as trouble for Cancerians. Destiny will create obstacles. You will have to wait all the time, you will have to wait for everything and this wait will create a huge problem for you. In the matter of Property dealing, you will face an obstacle. Luck will not support you. During this time, stomach diseases will emerge. You will get all these fruits this year. However, after the month of September, you will get relief from expenses and financial problems.

  • Leo horoscope for the year 2020

The year 2020 is perfect for the Leo people. You will get success from all sides. If you have done good deeds in the past, then at this time you will take advantage of them. If you have done wrong in the last 2 or 3 years, then you will face justice this year, you will start realizing this from the end of January. Health problems are for those who have borrowed money and have no intention to return. Apart from this, you will get good news from children. There is a chance of getting good news in this year. There will be good compatibility with friends & relatives. After the month of September, you may transfer at the wrong place. Before February, religious work will interrupt. This is the best time for students, but it does not mean that you do not have to work hard, but a little hard work will give good results and a lot of hard work will give better results than expected.

  • Virgo horoscope for the year 2020

For Virgo, the year 2020 is bringing something new to learn. You will have bitter experiences in life. For the people, you were waiting eagerly all of sudden they will turn their backs from you in this year. Relations with family and relatives will deteriorate. There is no good news about children. There will be a great need for money. In this year you should be careful & don’t waste money at all. You can spoil your future by buying houses, construction loans, cars etc. It is a difficult time for students.

  • Libra horoscope for the year 2020

The good times have ended for Libra people. This is a tough time for you and it will take your exam. At this moment, no flattery, no recommendation will work, but you have to prove something on your own. The cases will be turned against you in court. In job-business etc. you will face opposition and problems. Some compromises will have to make due to excessive competition. You have to compromise with little and will have to live in what is there. Overall, the year 2020 is not good for you in any way. There will be some relief in relationship matter. However, all other things are the same, yet after September, Rahu Ketu’s zodiac sign transit will change the family environment.

  • Scorpio horoscope for the year 2020

The seven & half years tenure of the Saturn for the Scorpio sign is over. Now, this is the beginning of the good times for you. Success all around, round-the-clock success, wealth gain, promotion in job, profit in work-business, attainment of fame. At this time, all the past deeds will be rewarded. All your work will be good. You will remain professional. You will be praised everywhere. Your hard work will be discussed. You have earned a name by working hard. Make full use of this time, you will get good news not only from your career but also from your children. Time is good for the students; there will be no shortage of money. Auspicious work will be done at home. The word that comes out of your mouth will seem true. Promotion-increment is all possible. Make full use of the year 2020. After September, a lot of work is going to come, which you will not like, but will have to do.

  • Sagittarius horoscope for the year 2020

The year 2020 is bringing many kinds of temptations for Sagittarius people. You will feel that you have a cake in front of you, but it will not be cake but it will be dung, that is, what is visible, will be an illusion.  What is not, it will be there and what is not, will be visible. Overall, there will be some experiences that will be bizarre. You are instructed to keep abstinence, do not remove any word from the mouth that becomes the determinant of the future of others. Even do not take the bad words out of your mouth. Abuses given at this time can also prove to be true. The blessings given at this time can take all your auspicious deeds.

  • Capricorn horoscope for the year 2020

The year 2020 is bringing a lot of work and a lot of responsibilities for Capricorn people. In addition, a lot of expenses because Jupiter is in the twelfth house of your zodiac sign. Saturn’s seven & half years tenure is also going on. In the year 2020, you should be ready for big expenses. You may have to spend on such things, which you have not yet laid the foundation stone for. Start thinking about it now that how to manage it if big expenses come. The work will be so much that you will realize that you have done 4 days of work in a single day. On the other hand, you will feel as if you were free for a long time. If it is not so then you do not realize, then be prepared for such a moment when you will have to forcibly believe it. Apart from spending on houses, vehicles etc., there will be expenditure on the needs of the family. Friends, relatives etc. may request you to give some money, be ready if they ask for a loan. Overall, the year 2020 is full of trouble for the people of Capricorn. In Career and job, you will not get proper attention. As expected, there will be no promotion, nor will there be increment. However, the expenses will go up. The year 2020 will be moderate for students

  • Aquarius horoscope for the year 2020

The year 2020 is coming with the beginning of seven & half year tenure of Saturn for the Aquarius people. At the end of January this year, Saturn will be in the twelfth house of your horoscope and will cause financial problems. There will be some responsibility on your head that you would not have guessed. Your running business will suddenly start to cool down, even in the job, the situation will be worse than bad. However, Jupiter is sitting in the eleventh house, so the source of income worth living will continue. The increment will also be available, promotion is also possible. Time is favourable for students, but do not rely on luck.

  • Pisces horoscope for the year 2020

It is a time of relief for Pisces people. The year 2020 is going to be excellent in term of finance for you. However, you will not feel like working and laziness will be there. Sources of income will continue to be made and in this year, there are chances of getting good returns in business. You will have more tension for which you should be careful. Can be transferred away from home or your transfer may be in a place where you will not feel comfortable. Overall, the year 2020 will prove to be financially helpful and you will progress in the business. Time is a bit difficult for the working class but increment will happen. The year 2020 will not yield such good results for students. Therefore, more and more hard work will be required. There are chances of getting any new business project after September. The old problems will end and at the end of the year, you will get a job promotion.

Conclusion – If you want astrological help in any matter then don’t hesitate to contact us.  Wish You all a very Happy New Year 2020.


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